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Crimson Kisses of Hyacinth

Following in his father’s footsteps, Noah Phillips knew he wanted to be a police officer. Working night shift in the city of Seaville was quiet most nights. An attack would force him to accept a new way of life. Immortality.


Adjusting to his new life, he conducts a traffic stop that has him fighting to keep qualities of his human life. He meets Celeste O’Neil during a traffic stop. He can’t help but notice the intoxicating smell of hyacinths. His fascination with Celeste turns obsessive, protecting at all costs. Celeste is forced to accept his life and what he is.


When he meets her friend Elizabeth he realizes that her intentions aren’t pure. Stopping at nothing, Noah refuses to lose his hyacinth beauty. A decision of life or death are forced upon her.


Will his hyacinth survive the dangers that lurk in the darkness?

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